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Multinationals are leading the consolidation play in the technical facility management sector

Engie was advised by Capstan Capital’s Swiss team on add-on acquisitions. Engie, France’s second largest utility company offering perhaps the most advanced range of industrial sustainable and renewable energy products in the country is also a significant consolidation force in the technical facility management (TFM) sector. Developing the most advanced capabilities in TFM seems only […]

Logistics groups use windfall profits from container services to diversify

Capstan Capital advised numerous logistics and shipping groups on financing and M&A transactions aimed at diversifying their business models. The consequences of the pandemic have significantly slowed down the global “conveyor belt” of container transport. This slowdown has effectively reduced available container capacity in finely tuned and highly sensitive global supply chains, which triggered an […]

Cooperative Bank of Drama (Greece) completes successful capital increase

ΑΥΞΗΣΗ ΤΟΥ ΜΕΤΟΧΙΚΟΥ ΚΕΦΑΛΑΙΟΥ ΤΗΣ ΣΥΝΕΤΑΙΡΙΣΤΙΚΗΣ ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑΣ ΔΡΑΜΑΣ ΜΕ ΚΑΤΑΒΟΛΗ ΜΕΤΡΗΤΩΝ The transaction was co-advised by Emmanouil Skourtis in Athens, who subsequently joined the board of Bank of Drama. Emmanouil, who is also an Associate Partner at London based Capstan Capital, highlighted the notable participation of foreign investors in the raise, which demonstrates resurgent international […]

Den Wandel nicht unterdrücken

Durch die Digitalisierung und die Globalisierung werden die Bindungen der amerikanischen Industrie an Europa immer stärker. Die wirklichen Herausforderungen, vor denen die Welt steht, [sind laut Kornblum]: Klimawandel, Einwanderung, technologischer Wandel.   To read more…