Leaders agreed on the common challenge of a sustainable economic recovery

We took important notes at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

The gathering took place from 22-26 May 2022 as the first global in-person leadership event since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Topics on the agenda of history at a turning point included rebuilding global cooperation; economic rebalancing; society, equity, and global health; nature, food, and climate; industry transformation; and innovation, governance, and cybersecurity.

Capstan Capital was represented by our Swiss Managing Partner Steffen Bassler, who attended two full days in Davos including an opening speech in the House of Switzerland by the Swiss finance minister, Mr. Ueli Maurer.

The WEF, which typically caters to the financial elite including major banks such as Citigroup to Credit Suisse was holding panels on cryptocurrencies’ carbon footprint, their future, and one on decentralized finance. A notable number of executives from the crypto sector had traveled to the gathering of business leaders and politicians to make their case for faster adoption of their still largely unregulated technology.

After two years dominated by the global pandemic, there was much talk about how to engineer a sustainable recovery. All aspects of digitization were at the forefront, such as governance in a remote working environment, social merits of IoT technology, or data security in cloud networks. One certainly got the sense that the recent pandemic has significantly accelerated the transition towards process digitization and virtualization of services.


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Leaders agreed on the common challenge of a sustainable economic recovery